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We help brands stand out in a competitive digital landscape.


We begin with a complete content audit to ensure all bases are covered. Our Content Strategist then provides a thorough analysis, detailing both organizational and optimization opportunities for the website.


Our development team provides custom, cutting-edge coding standards to ensure your product is optimized for favorable search results across every platform and device screen size. We also focus on including rich content that improves your site’s overall quality score.


Our IA and UX teams optimize your structure, content, and user-flows to make your product intuitive and easy to use. We also provide solutions to better meet business needs and assure the proper user engagement.

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About us

Proto Geek is a creative digital agency at the cutting edge of trends, technology and contemporary aesthetics. We provide innovative, eye-catching solutions that help companies to stand out from the crowd. Our team is completely focused on you, your branding, your mission and, most importantly, your future. Together, we can create visionary projects that will push boundaries and set your brand apart in the digital era.

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Digital Dreams

By Proto Geek

It’s not true that the best dreams happen when you are awake, they happen when you are online! Don’t you believe? Check our work. We signed a pact with the world leaders in the science of dreams - Sandman, Sleeping Beauty and Sleepy the dwarf in order to provide you with the highest quality magical experience. Having researched the famous Ole Lukoje’s process of sprinkling tiny amount of fine dust onto the eyes of dreamers, and combining it with the catalyst of Rufus the Noops' vivid daydreams we came with an absolutely innovative solution. We call it DDC - Digital Dreams Catharsis. For more information about DDC, please give us a shout.